It is obvious that the car that you own has to be maintained well. Eventually after many years there is a stage when it has to be repaired. The repair work on cars may be a costly affair. The small things like changing the oil or fixing the fuel filters as well as alternators are not so difficult. You can handle these tasks. There is a tool kit available in the market to fix punctured tyres, to fill air into the tyres, vacuum to clean the interiors etc. This you can use as and when required and solve the minor car problems on your own. It only needs a bit of confidence small car issues can be solved by the owner himself.

How can you do the repair independently?

You can take the help of computer which can serve as your best friend. There are many guides and videos available on the internet that will teach you the ways to repair your car. You can even check out the actual costs that is required if you do it from a shop and then decide if you have to do it on your own.

Follow the manual to fix any smaller issues. It is pretty well documented. But if you are not confident, we highly recommend to either calling a mechanic at home or you drive to the service station to fix the vehicle.

You also need certain common tools that you will get it from any shop. Each and every car is different, but you should not believe in the myth that foreign cars require special tools. The basic nuts and bolts are used for any car.

You should also have the following tools in your kit torque wrench, adjustable wrench, pliers, flat head screwdrivers, socket set, and a jack.

Important tips for repair

  • It is important to avoid any type of repair rip-offs. This can be done by identifying the common car problems. The mechanic that you need to choose is equally important for repairing a car.
  • You can choose a service center by consulting friends or family and get references.
  • You can get lots of information online which will help you to compare the warranty policies on repairs.
  • The service center that you choose has to be licensed and should have no complaints as per the law. The shop should also agree to honor the warranty of the vehicle as and when applicable.
  • The technicians have to be trained and choosing them is a bit tedious task. The shops that display certifications indicate that the shop has technicians who are licensed. They meet certain standards and so will be the perfect choice for your car.
  • The cost of the repair or the quote must be finalized before initiating the work. Some of the local service centers may charge high for auto repairs.

So it is best to always get your car repaired from authorized serving centers.